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Best Décor Highlights of 2019

Few days more and we will bid adieu to the old decade and will be welcoming the new one. The year 2019 had taken the décor game a notch up with its maximalist, minimalist and everything in between décor trend which helped us to revamp the home and workspaces with a sense of warmth. Let us review some of the best décor highlights of 2019.

Right now everyone is more into luxury with detailing in design and at the same time want their place to look spacious, warm, welcoming and comfortable. The year 2019 had it all. Let us see how.



We witnessed a lot of lighting options this year in the form of wall brackets, table lamps, standing lamps and chandeliers were good options to fill a room with warmth and dramatic lighting.

classic lighting


Old is gold and hence a shift towards the Classics was quite pertinent in 2019. Accessorizing the place with good accented highlights and artworks is key this year.



Metal coffee tables, side tables and consoles give a ‘hot’ and unique look when placed in a room. We saw a lot of metals being used justifying the interiors.



The year 2019 saw some décor which exuberates warmth. Everyone loves coming home to a warm and cosy environment where they can just stretch and relax with their families. One of the key practical décor & accessory is fireplaces which will play a vital role in coming year too.



Exotic wall textures and dramatic wallpapers looks amazing without any iota of doubt and is quite famous this year. We can expect the same nice vibes it creates in the coming year too.

The Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Looking forward to the next decade the year 2019 has given us some of the best options in décor in terms of minimalism as well as maximalism. We just have to wait for a while to see what 2020 will bring to the plate. Spacio is always guarded with the best of options for its varied clientele.


How important are rugs for indoors

Rugs are an important aspect to creating a fabulous home and deserve a second mention
don’t you think? This is what we think. We consider carpets to be our homes as shoes are to
a fashionable outfit. Rugs can be a game changer on how a room looks and feels. Rugs can
either sit in harmony with your room, or like this fab living space below, they can make a
statement by adding an element of surprise, for one who loves surprises!

Hallways can behave tend to behave dead, unwelcoming at times. Rugs can create the desired visual path to make it feel alive and gives it a cohesive look.

Creating visual interest and your eye is drawn from one space to the next with matching interiors rugs like the above is one hell of a choice! The idea is to maintain continuity and balance of a space.

When picking your carpet look towards different components of your plan conspire, for example, shading. On the off chance that the floor covering you pick has a component of your structure conspire, it will help strengthen, and make a progressively firm feel and look to your room. Mats truly are fundamental to making a fashionable room.

The issue with open arrangement spaces is that your furniture can look somewhat lost a lot of like a ship adrift. Use floor coverings to fortify zones inside the space with carpets. They’re incredible at zoning off spaces and mooring your furnishings. Gracious, and they help retain sound which is a need in enormous open spaces.

In the event that you need to be bold and use design there is no preferred path over presenting it through a carpet. For one it’s simpler to live with contrasted with enriching your walls. Utilizing design underneath your visual field when going into a room causes it to show up less nosy. Carpets are additionally an extraordinary method to acquaint design with unbiased spaces and furnishes your stay with a feeling of character and personality.

Discussing texture, mats today are being planned increasingly more with a 3 dimensional quality to them. These sorts of mats give a visual profundity to your floors offering textural complexity and interest.

Hope you liked reading these ideas for your interiors and found solace in rugs. We loved compiling these for our readers. Subscribe to our blog to stay updated on latest trend, designs and everything related to interiors.


Ring in the festive vibes with home décor ideas

To feel the happy festive vibes, it’s obligatory to make that condition around your home if that’s missing. Repairing or re-finishing of homes for the bubbly and festive season ahead inspires your spirits and sets the mind-set for the time of merriments. So, why not to fill your home with colours and add accessories this season?

Decorate it right

Decorate it right

Now is the time to go all out and indulge in that Victorian lamp or the hammered vase you have been eyeing all along. Set a little corner up with your prized accessories and give them their due, they will certainly pep up a dull room. Go for one or two big dramatic mirrors rather than too many smaller accessories scattered around.

Pop hues

Pop hues

Draw out all the bright sheet material, ornamental pads, ceramics, mats, old photos, recollections, keepsake and old endowments and give them their place under the sun. Get them pleasantly surrounded and place them around as they have untold stories to tell.

Shimmer game on

Shimmer game on

With festive season and Diwali round the corner, go strong with gold. Expedite the shine and flash of your metal components, clean them pleasantly to pillar and glimmer against a bolder colour palette, this season you should explore different avenues regarding bolder hues like profound reds, consumed oranges ambers and bright mustards. Pair these up with pads in woven materials and conventional themes.

Let your cutleries do the talking

Let your cutleries do the talking

Add an interesting bunch of flowers, sprigs on to the napkin holders and take a few moments to set the right cutlery. A well-set table only adds zest to the delicious food that is going to be placed there and around which memories and moments will be shared. Add floating candles into glass bowls filled with water for a unique table centre-piece.

Scent it away

Scent it away

Chase and wonder, there’s something to be said about fragrance that lifts and awakens the spirit when you walk into a room don’t you think? And considering our brains are structured as such that scent has a significant and immediate effect on our behaviour and our mood,  we are a nation of home fragrance lovers. Combine it in a decorative form and you’ll be putting two of your most powerful senses, sight and smell into action during festive season.

Placing the furniture

Placing the furniture

Make it cozy and comfortable for guests and family to huddle together and laugh away. Put the sofas together with lounge chairs around them and create a relaxed atmosphere.

The MD & Creative Head of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Create your magical display of décor to woo your guests this festive season. Spacio is your staple to find the right kind of luxury décor and accessories you want for this upcoming festive season.


Making waves with marble

When you consider marble, you may consider Renaissance statues or huge house sections, yet these smoothly designed pieces have made an advanced resurrection in the realm of interior design. Rich to the eye, this trans-formative shake likewise includes unpretentious flies of surface and shading when utilized suitably. To abstain from transforming your space into cold marble room, read our sharp tips for beautifying with marble in this blog.

Simply envision the gasps from your gathering visitors as you call them for a party with this marble tray, secured with gem overthrows as you may like it and essentially flooded with floral blooms.

The white marble peninsula seems to extrude out of the matching marble floor. White decorative vases make a quiet table centerpiece, chic in its simplicity. Succulents like this will add a touch of greenery to the space.

If you’re looking to decorate your bathroom and strike a balance between the masculine and feminine, a toiletries like this will do the trick. The shining metal top of this 5-piece set are elegant, while the marble top adds some real weight. Plus we love the small storage tissue paper napkin set.

This white marble pedestal is exquisitely polished for luxurious lustre. The impressive height of the pedestal makes it the perfect place to showcase sculpture and artwork that deserve a place of honor in your living room or the hallway.

We love marble lamps because it adds adorable surprises to a place. Case in point, this faux marble lamp that would work as well on a desk as it would at your bedside or in an entryway.

The Creative Head and MD of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Marble creates immediate sense of luxury to a space. Marble – and marble clones – are making a great resurgence in present interior context. The collection at Spacio is at par with this amazing trend for our customers who crave for luxurious accents in marble.


Home Décor tips for Monsoon

Monsoon is here! Welcome this season with some splendid changes in your home interiors layout to counter the dull and desolate climate outside! This is about monsoon, most loved period of innumerable individuals where you can appreciate the dull fantastic sky with the flavourful tastes of hot espresso and spending dim night times in your gallery! You may like or abhorrence the water dribbling on your tangle or the eternity signs of mud on the floor or dull interiors or non-drying garments and numerous such issues, and so on. In any case, other than that, making some home stylistic layout changes to deal with the impact of the monsoon in your home interiors will consistently make you feel glad and may even energize you!

Redoing home décor is a very interesting thing to do and we at Spacio have some tips for monsoon décor.

The light effect
Proper lighting can have a ton of effect! Ensure that your house is sufficiently bright. Changing the white lights to yellow lights can likewise get a warmer tone for your room.

Commission on wall frescoes or murals
Go for wall frescoes from Affreschi & Affreschi, a world class Italian brand available with Spacio. Choose from a large array of designs to make masterpieces on your wall.

Blooms play
Add flowers that lends freshness to decorate your home interiors. Flower vases from Dome Deco comes handy at Spacio and acts as a mood revitalizers along with bringing cosmopolitan vibe.

Accessorize it well
Play close attention to accessories. As it’s been said, the unseen details are the main problem! For a touch of bling and stun, pick emphasizes with metallic trimmings. In a perfect world, gold, copper and metal are the hues to concentrate on when picking such adornments. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to grandstand your quirkier side, think about picking table toppers in hues, for example, purple, yellow and green. To the extent incredible room colours thoughts go, successful decorating is a frequently ignored however fundamental element of any warm, inviting home! Dome Deco has some amazing articles for that perfect monsoon look.

Scent it up!
While decorating your home, make sure that you place some candles & mild fragrances to escape the moist smell away from your home. Keep them handy on your coffee/ centre tables or side tables, so that you can light them up in the evenings. Also, in monsoon, there may be more power cuts, so this can be tackled by aromatic candles that will serve both the purpose! Dome Deco candles and sticks drives an interiors crazy with its illumination and smell.

The MD & Creative Head of Spacio Mr.Navin Kanodia says “Spacio has all the options available in high-end décor and accessories to welcome monsoon. We have articles ready to make your abode luxurious irrespective of the weather outside.