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Making waves with marble

When you consider marble, you may consider Renaissance statues or huge house sections, yet these smoothly designed pieces have made an advanced resurrection in the realm of interior design. Rich to the eye, this trans-formative shake likewise includes unpretentious flies of surface and shading when utilized suitably. To abstain from transforming your space into cold marble room, read our sharp tips for beautifying with marble in this blog.

Simply envision the gasps from your gathering visitors as you call them for a party with this marble tray, secured with gem overthrows as you may like it and essentially flooded with floral blooms.

The white marble peninsula seems to extrude out of the matching marble floor. White decorative vases make a quiet table centerpiece, chic in its simplicity. Succulents like this will add a touch of greenery to the space.

If you’re looking to decorate your bathroom and strike a balance between the masculine and feminine, a toiletries like this will do the trick. The shining metal top of this 5-piece set are elegant, while the marble top adds some real weight. Plus we love the small storage tissue paper napkin set.

This white marble pedestal is exquisitely polished for luxurious lustre. The impressive height of the pedestal makes it the perfect place to showcase sculpture and artwork that deserve a place of honor in your living room or the hallway.

We love marble lamps because it adds adorable surprises to a place. Case in point, this faux marble lamp that would work as well on a desk as it would at your bedside or in an entryway.

The Creative Head and MD of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Marble creates immediate sense of luxury to a space. Marble – and marble clones – are making a great resurgence in present interior context. The collection at Spacio is at par with this amazing trend for our customers who crave for luxurious accents in marble.


Home Décor tips for Monsoon

Monsoon is here! Welcome this season with some splendid changes in your home interiors layout to counter the dull and desolate climate outside! This is about monsoon, most loved period of innumerable individuals where you can appreciate the dull fantastic sky with the flavourful tastes of hot espresso and spending dim night times in your gallery! You may like or abhorrence the water dribbling on your tangle or the eternity signs of mud on the floor or dull interiors or non-drying garments and numerous such issues, and so on. In any case, other than that, making some home stylistic layout changes to deal with the impact of the monsoon in your home interiors will consistently make you feel glad and may even energize you!

Redoing home décor is a very interesting thing to do and we at Spacio have some tips for monsoon décor.

The light effect
Proper lighting can have a ton of effect! Ensure that your house is sufficiently bright. Changing the white lights to yellow lights can likewise get a warmer tone for your room.

Commission on wall frescoes or murals
Go for wall frescoes from Affreschi & Affreschi, a world class Italian brand available with Spacio. Choose from a large array of designs to make masterpieces on your wall.

Blooms play
Add flowers that lends freshness to decorate your home interiors. Flower vases from Dome Deco comes handy at Spacio and acts as a mood revitalizers along with bringing cosmopolitan vibe.

Accessorize it well
Play close attention to accessories. As it’s been said, the unseen details are the main problem! For a touch of bling and stun, pick emphasizes with metallic trimmings. In a perfect world, gold, copper and metal are the hues to concentrate on when picking such adornments. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you need to grandstand your quirkier side, think about picking table toppers in hues, for example, purple, yellow and green. To the extent incredible room colours thoughts go, successful decorating is a frequently ignored however fundamental element of any warm, inviting home! Dome Deco has some amazing articles for that perfect monsoon look.

Scent it up!
While decorating your home, make sure that you place some candles & mild fragrances to escape the moist smell away from your home. Keep them handy on your coffee/ centre tables or side tables, so that you can light them up in the evenings. Also, in monsoon, there may be more power cuts, so this can be tackled by aromatic candles that will serve both the purpose! Dome Deco candles and sticks drives an interiors crazy with its illumination and smell.

The MD & Creative Head of Spacio Mr.Navin Kanodia says “Spacio has all the options available in high-end décor and accessories to welcome monsoon. We have articles ready to make your abode luxurious irrespective of the weather outside.


Rendezvous with Ceramics from Gardeco

Gardeco is a Belgian-based company, offering handcrafted pieces from around the world. Their goal is to introduce well-talented designers to a broader audience via exclusive shops, design stores, museum shops, art galleries, architects and interior designers. Spacio is delighted to house Selma Abdon Calheira and her delicate and timeless collection of ceramics luxe pieces that are absolutely unique that complement any interior design or project. Through this blog we will be witnessing some of the finest designs of the designer through her Ceramic collection Cores Da Terra.

Research, solidarity and intuition led this artist to create more than pieces of art: a new life for her homeland. At the age of 38 years, Selma opens her first studio. She named it Cores da terra (colors of the earth). The name itself Cores da terra was created by Selma because of her lifelong interest in clay and an endless research into natural pigments. This trademark is filled with art and humanity and was built by Selma along her whole life.



Bring nature into your home with playful twist. What can be better than fruits as part of home décor solutions for your home.



Accessories adds the final layer to a beautiful interior. Pear is the most common seasonal fruit liked by all and what can be better than adding a wonderful ceramic appeal as a part of home décor with this fruit.

Prato Comeia & Vortice

Turning everyday ceramics into splendid table centre pieces is a work of a true artist. They are beautiful addition to create luxe surrounding your coffee table.

Bonecas Tribos

Bonecas Tribos

Lovely little ethnic people is ceramic sculpture consisting of 9 tribal people who actually looks very cute if you notice them closely. Perfect for kids room décor or console décor.

Homens de Barro

Homens de Barro

Playful sculpted ceramics each telling a wonderful story.

Homens de Barro translated into “clay men” Homens De Barro is a set of seven primitive figures who poetically represent the prototype of the hard worker.

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Interior Design rule to break this summer

With regards to the interiors of your home, this summer plan a general direction to the opportunity of the period and run contrary to the natural order of things for crisp summer interiors design stylistic do’s to attempt.

Regularly progressively free-lively, you’ll see that a recharged way to deal with each late summer interior pattern this year requires the startling generally welcoming ideas. Let’s take it from our expert on some of the rules worth breaking this summer on accessories.

A standout amongst the most prevalent interiors for summer is planning materials and restricting the utilization of patterns. However, there’s definitely no motivation behind why you ought not to try different things with patterns this summer. For whatever length of time that you do it right, blending patterns can carry life to your dull looking space this season.

Our pick goes to the most exuberant decoration with bold botanicals. It breaks the stereotypic green and add dark wood for a moody feel. Deep tones adds bright texture breaking the classical monotony that is connected with summer.

Rich wooden hues contrast vividly with the midnight blue texture in these handsome accessories from Dome Deco. The burnt orange shimmering a sumptuous warmth through the scheme. A captivating glaze transports us to vast landscapes of scorched rock and sand textures in this stunning lamp, the vibrant orange giving our interior design a unique look.

Create a cosy space inside your interiors with handmade wonders. Summer house is all about simplicity and handmade designs creates that Nordic vibe to your interiors bringing back simplicity time and again.

Mixing antique and contemporary styles together will actually give your home a more curated look and will make your space appear more interesting this summer and beyond.

The Creative Head and MD of Spacio Mr. Navin Kanodia says “Interiors evolve and trends comes and goes. This summer Spacio brings the best of the accessories for its customers to break shackles of monotony in interiors keeping all the above pointers in mind.”


Affreschi & Affreschi in a row with its latest collection

Adorning the walls encompassing your spaces is the start of an incredible romantic tale. Affreschi & Affreschi captures this adorable feeling through their ‘About You’ collection of wall frescoes. You can express what you dream, love and feel, through plans telling about you. “About you” is the accumulation to become hopelessly enamoured with, it grasps and entices you while pages stream gradually between your fingers.

“About you” turns your spaces and makes them exceptional, the ideal spot where to experience the most delightful romantic tale.

“About you” is You! Lets celebrate this ‘ You’ in this blog.

Enhance the monochrome charm of a bedroom with this marvellous collection of wall frescoes.

Enhance the monochrome charm of a bedroom with this marvellous collection of wall frescoes.

Travel the world and make memories with ‘About You’.

Travel the world and make memories with ‘About You’.

Flowers brings smiles and love. Hence the wall narrates the same as part of the collection.

Flowers brings smiles and love. Hence the wall narrates the same as part of the collection.

Nature is an integral part of our lives. The swan in this wall fresco is all about finding love in nature.

Nature is an integral part of our lives. The swan in this wall fresco is all about finding love in nature.

                  The caricatures or abstract art drawn all this wall is finding love in odd places.

The caricatures or abstract art drawn all this wall is finding love in odd places.

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